How an Oral Denture Can Restore Your Smile

Posted on: November 16, 2017

DenturesAn oral denture can be used to either temporarily or permanently replace your missing teeth. If you have suffered adult tooth loss, you are not alone. Around seventy percent of the U.S. population will lose at least one of their adult teeth. This impacts virtually everyone and the question then becomes how do you want to replace your tooth?

Missing tooth solutions

We offer more permanent solutions like a dental bridge that we secure to the other natural teeth. This is an excellent way to restore the appearance and function of a smile, but it is not for everyone. If the remaining teeth are not healthy or strong enough to support the bridge, this solution will not work. We also offer dental implants as a permanent way to replace missing teeth.

Implants give one a new tooth that is as sturdy and durable as the natural teeth. The only challenge is that this is a surgical procedure and is priced accordingly. Additionally, the jawbone needs to be dense enough to support it.

What you need to know

In many cases, the health of our patients precludes them from getting either a dental bridge or a dental implant, at least initially. In this case, we can provide an oral denture as a way to restore a patient’s smile. Dentures are not what they used to be. They are more natural looking and comfortable than the models of years past. In fact, if a patient is wearing an older set of dentures, we invite the patient to visit our office for a new one.

With a secure fit, the dentures we create for the patient will remain in place throughout the day so that he or she can be confident in the ability to speak freely, eat lunch, and spend time socializing without worrying about the teeth. If this is a solution you are interested in, we can have a beautiful set of dentures created for you in no time.

Oral Denture

We also use an oral denture to help patients that are in the process of a more extensive procedure. For example, after an accident, it is not always feasible to place a bridge or implants immediately. The gums may need time to heal or they may be undergoing other procedures and not have time for immediate dental care. When this is the case, we can provide a temporary denture to wear until the patient is ready to undergo dental implant surgery or to place the bridges.

Even if a patient does elect to use one of these other options immediately, it takes several appointments to complete and in the case of dental implants, this can take months. Wearing a temporary denture during the process will help the patient to feel confident when speaking and smiling.

Regardless of why you need an oral denture, Calcutt Family Dentistry will ensure that the denture we give you is comfortable and natural looking. It will serve to restore both the function and form of your smile so that you can enjoy life instead of focusing on your missing teeth.

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